What are the documents required for courier?

Individual or personal shipments: Aadhaar/Passport/Voter ID/ Pan card,

For Commercial shipments: Contact us.

What are the items we can ship in courier mode?

Food items, clothes, books, toys(without batteries), baby items, beds/bed frames, blankets, towels, blenders, mixers, bookcases, books, can openers, chairs, coffee makers, cooking utensils, sofas, sofa beds, curtains, curtain rods, decorative items, Drinking Glasses(Steel and Plastic), mattresses, pillows, pans, sheets, sofa beds, tables, towels, umbrellas and many more.

Do you provide Customized services?

Yes, If your Parents/references cannot visit our office to drop the pre ordered (Amazon Flipkart, etsy etc.) online shipments.  To avoid the hassle, you can order the goods directly to our store. We will inspect your shipment by sending you photos and videos and only after your satisfaction we will ship it to you internationally.

All your shipment ordered from different online portals would be consolidated to one package to avoid additional costs.

To send you photos or videos through Whatsapp for inspection of your items would be FREE of CHARGE

How much value we can declare for the shipment?

Maximum amount is 12,000/- INR more than the value shipment will go in commercial.

What is the delivery time of the shipment?

5-8 working days, and it’s depends on the destination country and custom clearance.

Can we send food items?


How is the weight determined?

Weight is calculated based on actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher that will be chargeable weight. Weight is always rounded to the nearest 0.5kgs.

Is pickup service available?


Can we ship medicines and other items to USA?

Medicines and other items are shipped separately.

What are the prohibited items?
  • Currency; Dangerous Goods (Explosives; Flammable Gases; Flammable Liquids; Flammable Solids;        Oxidizing; Toxic and Infectious; Radioactive; Corrosive; Miscellaneous);( Notes and coins)

  • Precious and semi-precious metals, including gold and silver

  • Powered items

  • Fresh food items

  • Living creatures and plants

  • Dry coconut (IATA DGR class 4.2 – 30 to 40% oil content) (considered flammable due to propensity to self-heat)

  • Drugs, e-cigarettes, and tobacco products.

  • Any shipment that could potentially harm or delay other shipments, equipment, or personnel, as well as any item whose transportation is otherwise prohibited by law in either the country of origin or destination, or in any country through which the shipment may transit.

  • Please get in touch with us for the prohibited items list for your destination country.

Are there any weight limits for the shipment?

No weight restrictions on packages (Maximum 30kgs can be shipped in one box).

What is custom clearance delay?

Every destination country shipments are required to go through a customs clearance procedure. When this happens, a clearance delay may occur which slows down the clearance process and delivery of the goods. We are not responsible for such delays as it is beyond our control.

Can Ezecou Ship As GIFT/SAMPLE ?

Yes, Ezecou can ship as GIFT/SAMPLE.

Do I Need to Provide Purchase Values for Each Item?


What Happens If An ordered Item cannot be shipped internationally?

If you have ordered items that cannot be exported out of India and are unable or unwilling to return them to the seller, you can choose to abandon/donate your parcel at no additional cost or have it returned to an Indian address for a small fee. You can send us a WhatsApp message with your instructions.

Are there customs charge for International shipments?

NO, 95% of countries do not levy customs duties on personal shipments. However, if this is the case, we will notify you prior to booking shipments